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The Schlössle Hotel is on a narrow cobblestone street where, in the past, numerous storage buildings and merchants’ houses were located.


The street was called after Tallinn’s famous Church of the Holy Spirit, which it passes by, and was a principal road leading from the central market to the harbour. Over the years, thousands have passed this way, among them Tallinn’s finest, and today visitors cannot help but be awe-struck when they realise that they are walking where merchants lived and traded over 500 years ago.

“Schlössle” has painstakingly preserved all the ancient structural details of the building and restored them to their original splendour. The majestic limestone central chimney has been almost untouched by the passing centuries. The building features cut stone ornamentations, small spiral staircases, and the living chambers have irregular corners and wall niches, giving guests the unique experience of stepping back in time into the grand architecture of Tallinn’s Medieval ages.