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Schlössle Boutique Hotel in Tallinn

Nestled in the heart of the Old Town, the Schlössle hotel is an enchanting jewel of a hotel that takes you back to the historical roots of Estonia.

Massive wooden beams, antique furnishings and the affectionate personnel emphasize the charm of the hotel.

Lobby area


Under the wakeful sights of the medieval owners of the buildings, who take pride of place on an antique chest of drawer, guest feel immediately safe and comfortable. 
Subtle mural paintings next to historical stone walls decorate the generous lobby area. Petit lamps on walls and desks create a perfect and haimish ambiance. The fireplace invites you to join in even on cold days as a place of well-being. Massive wooden beams and poles together with several seating-accommodations round the lavish merchants’ style of the whole room. 

The lobby area is a place where friendly service eliminates any feeling of distance and carefully chosen details create a private and intimate atmosphere for everybody.

Cigar Lounge

Cigar Lounge

Encircled by massive stone walls the Cigar Lounge invites you with several seating-accommodations to take a rest and let the day go by. 

By sensitive hand for detail, cushions, lamps and mural paintings were integrated carefully and confer a cozy and warm atmosphere. 

Reserve some time to enjoy the ambiance when reading a book or simply having a sophisticated conversation. 
Whether good or bad weather our Cigar Lounge is definitely a perfect place to be.

Choose a cigar from our private selection and taste a glass of Cognac in a House of Lords atmosphere.

Courtyard Garden

During the summer months our courtyard is the ideal setting to enjoy breakfast and light meals under the shade trees surrounded by blossoms and blooms. 
Small details are added carefully and make great effect on the cozy and friendly atmosphere. Chains of lights and candles during the evening hours contribute to a unique ambiance you normally can only sense in romantic films. 

Our courtyard is a truly hidden secret, which invites you to calm down and enjoy gentle summer days.