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Schlössle Hotel Group Newsletter, August –

Värske kevad-suvine menüü Kuldse Notsu Kõrtsis!

Jah, just – meie arust on juba soe küll ja just seetõttu pakume nüüdsest ka kevad-suvist menüüd. Allalaadimiseks leiab selle siit. Otselink meie Facebooki profiili, kus meie uued lemmikroad ka ilusti üleval on siin.

“Welcome to Estonia” by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Come and see beautiful Estonia!
All you have to do is participate in the Estonian Foreign Ministry’s online Estonia Quiz 2010 and answer 12 questions related to Estonia.Useful Internet links will guide you in finding the right answers and discovering something new about Estonia!

A new website!

Hi all!
Happy New Year to everybody!!! The New Year present from Schlössle Hotels is right here: our new homepage.

Hello world!

Schlössle Hotels starts its blog-life! Sooner or later (rather sooner) we will post here exciting news, special offers or just share some good news with you!